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Music & Worship Arts

The Music and Worship Arts team at East Ridge UMC leads our congregation into an intimate and authentic relationship with God.  it provides the opportunity to prepare our hearts and minds for the receiving of the Word of God.

Anyone interested in joining any aspect of the Music & Worship Arts ministry can contact our Director of Music & Worship Arts, Andrew Chauncey. 


Opportunities to Serve​​

Praise Team: Anyone interested in participating in the core Praise Team of singers must have vocal singing experience and be able to understand the basic concepts of music theory. Ability to read music is not required, but the ability to maintain a vocal melody or harmony is important to the overall sound and quality of the music and cohesive sound of the team.

Praise Band: Anyone interested in participating in the Praise Band must have instrumental experience of at least 3 years. Players must be able to read basic chord charts and lead sheets. Students who have an interest must have completed 3 years of band or private instruction.

Worship Visuals: If you have a gift for design and vision, we are always looking for people to help decorate for special services and seasons. This team is responsible for coordinating the visuals for worship. If you have a vision, you’re artistic, and you have a Pinterest account- this group is for you!

Audio Visual/Sound: our audio visual team is responsible for running the visual slides for our Sunday morning worship service. The people on this team serve on a rotation. Basic computer knowledge is helpful but not necessary and training is provided. Individuals on schedule for the particular week must be present for the morning music rehearsal at 9:30 AM.

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